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January 22, 2013

Splattered Ink Press prides itself on offering one-stop shopping for writers and business owners interested in writing and self-publishing.

For marketing, we offer marketing consultations with a seasoned pro as well  brochures, business cards, banners, postcards, letterhead, and bookmarks. Anything you need to help promote your book and/or business, we can help.

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Coaching for Writers

A Writing Coach is for people who:

  • Want to write.
  • Have a goal to complete a novel, children’s picture book, poetry book, a book of nonfiction, or any other writing project.
  • Want steady, compassionate and encouraging support while writing to help them complete writing project(s).

As your Writing Coach, I will…

Help you define your writing goals:

  1. Why do you want to write?
  2.  Who is your audience?
  3. How will your writing project effect readers?

Help you create a method to:

  1. Focus on a specific project
  2. Take action on a regular basis to reach your goals
  3.  Provide accountability with weekly and monthly deadlines
  4. Work with you to overcome any roadblocks to your success
  5. Assist you in organizing and developing your book
  6. Monitor your writing with feedback and editing
  7. Keep an eye on your progress and help you keep moving forward with your goals
  8. Help you overcome gremlins that may be getting in the way of your success
  9. Defeat creativity blocks
  10. Prioritize projects
  11. Manage your time effectively and find the time to write and get published
  12. Make the process easier, more fun and more effective
  13. Empower yourself in publishing
  14. Share publishing dos and don’ts

One-on-One VIP Coaching Program

This program includes four sessions per month, one per week, 50 minutes each. These sessions are scheduled on a fixed time slot same day, same time each week. Consistent weekly arrangement maximizes productivity for dramatic impact on writing goals, however, schedules change and there will be flexibility in scheduling.

  • Unlimited email support between sessions.
  • Feedback and editing of up to eight pages (double-spaced) per week.
  • Achieving your writing goal is not an overnight process.
  • It is going to take time and a commitment on your part.

Choose from three four-meeting frequencies.

  • Weekly sessions $375 per four consecutive weeks
  • Twice monthly sessions $450 per four meetings.
  • Once month sessions $600 per four meetings.

Are you ready to take your dream of writing to a reality?

Contact  triciawrite@gmail.com right now to get started!

Editing Services

You’ve completed your writing – a memoir, a short story, a how-to book, a novel, blog, or text for your website. You’ve inserted that last word followed by the final period, leaned back in your chair and declared yourself finished.  Take a deep breath and do a happy dance. You deserve it!

What now?

Is it ready for the critical eyes of a reader? Probably not. Most manuscripts need several rewrites before they’re ready for the dog-eat-dog world of publishing. Few titles are chosen each year for publication (especially from first-time authors), so you need to present your very, very best work.  And if you self-publish, your editing is scrutinized by readers (and reviewers) even more.

That’s where we can help.  As experienced editors, we will read your manuscript from two points of view — Developmental and Line Editing.\

Line editing – a line-by-line edit pointing out places to cut words and make your writing tighter, places where holes exist and require filling, and finding those pesky grammar errors that will absolutely kill your chances for publication.

Developmental edit – This edit incorporates structural changes and stylistic editing of the language.  It includes a review of plot, characters and layout, voice and tone, story idea and an overview of your book or story in its entirety.  Suggestions are made on how to improve the quality of the text as a whole.

Pricing – 0.03 cents/word

What You Get

You will receive your online manuscript with proofreading and line-editing marks via track changes, along with comments and suggestions.  You will also receive a summary of our review of the manuscript including weaknesses and strengths, along with recommendations for improvement.

Not For the Weak of Heart

OK, you wouldn’t ask for help if you didn’t need it and we both know everything needs editing. Therefore, be prepared for complete honesty about areas in your manuscript that require additional work. If you’re sending your writing to us, then it should be with the understanding that you are serious about making it the best it can be.

What’s the Value?

So why would anyone pay for editing? Very simply, to increase your chances to sell your work and to put your best foot forward in your marketing. Competition in the publishing world is tough and getting your work through the front door is crucial. The key to being noticed and appreciated by readers, and/or publishers, is to present your very best polished work. You’ve already invested your time, creativity, and commitment to this piece. Let us help you ensure your manuscript is strong and as error-free as possible.

Submission Guidelines

Submitted manuscripts must be double-spaced.

Payment Policies and Methods

Pay Pal, money order, personal check or credit card.
One-half is due when the job is accepted, the balance will be due upon completion.

Send us your manuscript and we will send you a quote and time frame for the completion of the edit. We prefer to receive manuscripts via e-mail.

Contact Us

Are you ready to get going on that rewrite, receive an edit, and finish your manuscript? Get in touch with us and we will get started!


Tricia McDonald brings a sensitivity to manuscript editing, which is borne of her direct experience as a writer and a deep fondness for a well-turned phrase. She is a Mentor with a capital M.

When I was ready to chuck my unfinished book into the back of a dresser drawer, she engaged me in a discussion of its viability and gave me a perspective of my own story that I hadn’t yet considered. Then she led me in an exercise to organize its chapters into a cohesive, nearly complete piece. I was lost; she gave me a road map. When I finish my manuscript, the first person I will thank will be Tricia McDonald.

~Ellen D. Hosafros



In the last few years, eBooks have become extremely popular.  Cheaper for readers (and authors), the market for eBooks is growing and the market is huge. With so many reading devices available, the eBook business is booming!

What We Do

• Format book
• Create unique cover design
• Provide e-book ISBN
• Provide file for client to create own account and handle e-book placement

Fee and billing
• Fee for the above services is $725
• Additions to this project will increase the fee based on specific additions
• Half of the fee is due at signing of this project understanding; remainder is due upon project completion

• The charge for eBook publishing without cover is $325

You decide on the price of your book, spread the word and pocket the profits.

*This price does not include children’s picture books and specialty books, which require more specialized formatting. We will take a look at your book and then provide you with a customized quote.

Do you want more information about eBooks? Contact us at tricia@splatteredinkpress.com.


Where is your completed manuscript? Hidden in a drawer? In a file on your computer?

Readers want to read your book. You want readers to read it. It’s time to get that manuscript out and let us help you get it into print and onto bookstore shelves. We’ll take your manuscript, design an eye-catching cover, format the text into a print ready book, and take it through the printing process. In the end, your publishing dream will come true! It’s time…

Splattered Ink Press works closely with the author and includes the following publishing services:

Publishing Packages

Signature Publishing Package
Scribe Publishing Package
Quill Publishing Package

Children’s Picture Books

Splattered Ink Press works closely with each author and our publishing services include the following:

  • Up to 32 text pages (16 illustrations) from your MSWord manuscript*
  • Full color custom illustrations (See specifics below.)
  • Creation of title, copyright, dedication, and author bio page
  • One PDF for proofreading
  • Final PDF proof for author approval before sending file to printer**
  • ISBN, barcode
  • Listing on Splattered Ink Press website and Facebook page
  • Assistance placing book(s) on the author’s Amazon page
  • Author receives 100% of the net profit from each book sold

*Additional illustrated pages billed at $35 each; additional non-illustrated pages billed at $10 each.

**Additional corrections are $1 each. Additional proofs after final are $50 each. Additional proofreading could delay publishing.


The illustration process has four specific phases: single pencil sketches, full pencil sketches, color and finalization, and cover design.

Single Pencil Sketch

  • Break your manuscript into 32 pages and up to 16 illustrations. Remember to include a title page, copyright page, and dedication page in your page count. You may also want to include an author page and an acknowledgement page.
  • Provide a description of what you want illustrated on each page or each spread as well as the style you prefer (cartoonish, realistic, etc.) You may also ask the Splattered Ink Press illustrator to choose the style.
  • Choose one page or spread for which the illustrator will do the pencil sketch.
  • Review the pencil sketch and accept or reject it.
  • If you reject or have comments about the pencil sketch, you will receive a revised sketch based on your comments. Revisions after two pencil sketches are billed at $35 each.
  • Once you approve the pencil sketch, the process moves to full pencil sketch.

Full Pencil Sketch

  • You will receive a complete set of pencil illustrations for 32 pages and up to 16 illustrations. These are based on the approved pencil sketches and additional descriptions you may provide. Text is placed on each page according to your specifications.
  • You will receive a sample of the entire book for your review and may make up to 16 changes. Additional changes will be billed at $20 per page.
  • Once you have approved the full pencil sketch, the process moves to coloring and finalization.

Coloring and Finalization

  • You will receive a sample spread of illustrations in color for your review before the entire book is prepared.
  • Changes at this stage are billed at $35 per page and can seriously delay publication of your book.

Cover Design

  • You will select an illustration, illustrations, or portions of an illustration for the front and back covers of your book.
  • You will provide text for the cover (title, author name for front and spine, and copy for the back cover that could describe the story or be about the author).
  • You will receive a cover design for review and approval. You may make two revisions.
  • Additional revisions are billed at $35 each and can seriously delay the publication of your book.

Basic children’s book package price: $3,250.00


Printing not included in this quote.  Printing quotes are provided based on the specifics of each book.  Children’s picture books can be published in either soft- or hard-cover format. We can give you an estimate for printing once we have specifics (size, page count, etc) about your book.

We accept cash, check or credit card.
*Shipping/handling costs not included **Additional charge may apply for complex illustrations, shading, hand coloring or paintings.

Thank you for considering Splattered Ink Press. Your words are our business – your book, a priority.

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