Perhaps It’s Time for a Writing Coach

May 11, 2017
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You have a story to tell and you want to write it, but somehow you just can’t get motivated or get organized or get started. Perhaps it’s time to consider hiring a writing coach.

A writing coach won’t edit your work or write your story for you, but a good coach will help you figure out how to do it for yourself. You’ll get one-on-one help creating ways to:

  • Determine and define your goals,
  • Set schedules that will help you meet your goals,
  • Provide accountability with regular deadlines,
  • Determine tone, style, and voice,
  • Help organize and develop your book,
  • Guide you through the writing process,
  • Help you identify and overcome creativity blocks, and
  • Help you review your plan and make adjustments as necessary.

A writing coach will help you determine why you want to write in the first place as well as which audience will likely be interested in what you have to say. She or he may suggest additional audiences or perhaps  additional topics you can address. A writing coach can help you change what you consider to be mistakes into positives and opportunities and can provide feedback that can improve your writing and your writing project.

In addition to creativity, good writing requires the nuts and bolts of punctuation, syntax, and grammar. A writing coach can help you say what you mean to say clearly and properly.

Finally, writing coaches aren’t just for novelists, memoirists, and poets. They can help all kinds of writers – business people, students, journalists, bloggers – anyone who wants to communicate better through the written word.

Splattered Ink Press offers a variety of packages for writers who want to work with a writing coach. For more information, visit or send an email to

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